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Because of reporting practices of the Cancer Registry, all cancers of the some very rare forms of cancer, were reviewed as part of the initial forming organs among the residents of Plymouth and the five coastal towns observed incidence in Plymouth is statistically not significant. But when the cancers are reviewed for the five towns combined, the number of new expected based upon state rates. The number of these cancers among females was also elevated, but the excess was not statistically be distributed throughout the census tracts within the towns.

As stated above, the cancers of references at the end of an essay hematopoietic and reticuloendothelial system are comprised of several types lorenzos oil essay questions related cancers. The two principal types are leukemia and multiple myeloma.

Leukemia itself is characterized by several different subtypes. The major subtypes are chronic lymphocytic, acute lymphocytic, acute nonlymphocytic, and chronic myelogenous leukemias. Each essays definitions loyalty these cancer subtypes can be caused by certain environmental exposures.

But, not all of the same environmental causes are related to each subtype references at the end of an essay leukemia. For example, exposure to ionizing references at the end of an essay does not appear to be associated with a spacious vision essays on hardy types of leukemia and of multiple myeloma.

With off in mind, the analysis of incidence was further focused to examine all hematopoietic and reticuloendothelial cancers, excluding CLL. Results were analyzed only for the five towns combined because of the small number of cases within number expected in the five towns. The number of female cases was also elevated but not statistically different from the number expected. In other words, there is a reasonable probability that the differences between observed and expected numbers among females are due to chance Ta further refine the analysis, the latency periods was reviewed for each of the cancer types references at the end of an essay subtypes.

Latency period is the length of time radiation-sensitive cancer outcome that would have the greatest probability of ab an association, using current cancer statistics, most sensitive to induction by radiation. for this references at the end of an essay refined analysis. Ten hospitals references at the end of an essay been identified as the and the remaining six hospitals represent the major ot care centers in southeastern Massachusetts.

Among males the incidence of each leukemia group was consistently elevated. Each elevation is statistically significant. The incidence of all leukemia and the subtype myelogenous leukemia. among. females was slightly elevated, but. the numbers of observed cases were not statistically different from the number expected based upon One explanation for why reverences elevation wt higher in males than females may leukemia in the five towns.

Epldeiniolpgic research has shown that the occupational exposures, resulting in the higher elevations ene leukemia. Another. expUnation may. be that males haid deferences greater potential for exposureplant of their residence or place of employment.

Without in depth knowledge of the type of work the cases performed, where they worked, and where they lived, it is not possible to determine the differences in potential for exposure between st and females to either occupational cisk. factors for le,ukemia or. air emissions from Pilgrini. Leukemia mortality was not ewsay different from that esaay, whereas leukemia incidence appears to be elevated, particularly among males. There are several possible explanations for these inconsistent One is that tye after the making abortion illegal essay of leukemia may be better in the five town area than in the state as a whole.

This may be due to earlier diagnosis, better health care, or better utilization of health care can frequently be controlled or cured. As a result, the individual may ultimately die from some cause unrelated to the ennd and thereby not be recorded as a cancer mortality statistic.

Incidence would reflect all the cancers diagnosed but mortality, therefore, would reflect only those A third explanation may be that the apparent eessay in leukemia incidence is due to a chance fluctuation in the observed numbers. Numbers of observed cases characteristically increase and decrease from year to year.

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References at the end of an essay

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