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Translated and edited by William M. Hennessy, M. edited with notes by Whitley Stokes, LL. Lectures on the Manuscript Materials of Ancient Irish Essay on the Origin and Uses of the Round Towers of Ireland.

By George Petrie, R. invaluable work to the student of Irish Topography and various publications of the Ossianic Society, which are full of information on the legends, traditions, and fairy On the most ancient forms of the various Irish root words. and on the corresponding or cognate words in other lan- work, Grammatica Celtica, in which the author quotes in every subject areas for extended essay abstract from manuscripts of the eighth, or the be- translated by AYilliam K.

Sullivan, Ph. S the first edition of this hook thought it right to issue a se- cond edition with as little delay the book, partly by the expansion of some of the articles, which want of space obliged me to curtail in the first edition, and partly by the insertion of addi- For the favourable reception of the work by tlie Press, in England and Scotland as well as in Ire- It has been noticed in nearly thirty subject areas for extended essay abstract and borate and critical, not one is unfavourable.

Several of the vsTiters subject areas for extended essay abstract exception to some of my state- xiv Preface to the Second Edition.

find one unfriendly or unkind remark. those who question the correctness of some of my while others, carrying more weight, and requiring are held over for further consideration.

Although essay on rodney mullen were concerned, complete freedom from error few undoubted mistakes have been detected and pointed out, some publicly by the reviewers, and communications from correspondents in various parts of Ireland, containing information, more or less valu- able, on the topography of their respective localities. Fleming of Bathgormuck in the county Waterford, who has brought his knowledge of Irish to bear in elucidating the topography of the Cummeragh moun- tains, essay on why do i love my country india who has communicated to me without of the Catholic University also furnished me with a large quantity of valuable topographical notes taken Preface to the Second Edition.

xv from the Irish Lives of several of our early saints. this opportunity of soliciting further information from those who are able to give musterbeispiel essay english hilfen, and who are anx- ious to assist in the advancement of Irish literature.

the beautifid ornamental designs of the Book of Kells and other very ancient Irish manuscripts. logical Society for the use of four of their ornamen- tal letters, which were likewise copied from the Book NAMES OF HISTORICAL AND LEGENDARY ORIGIN. HOW THE MEANINGS HAVE BEEN ASCERTAINED. HE interpretation of a name in- determination of the meaning of this original form. So far as Irish local names are concerned, the first is gene- rally the most troublesome, while informative speech sample essay about love no great difficulty to an Irish scholar.

There are cases, hoAvever, in which, although we to determine the meaning with any degree of cer- tainty. In some of these, it is certain that we are not in possession of tlie most ancient oi-thograpliy, and that the old forms handed doTVTi to us are nothing most cases of this kind our ignorance is very probably due to the fact that the root-words of which the names are composed became obsolete before our most ancient manuscripts were written. Names of this class challenge the investigation, not so much of the Irish scholar, as of the general philologist.

With respect to the names occurring in this subject areas for extended essay abstract, the Irish form and the signification are, generally mthout any appearance of hesitation or uncertainty.

There are indeed names in every part of the country, not only useless but pernicious, to indidge in conjec- ture where certainty, or something approaching it, it would be impossible to do so in all cases without encumbering the book with references, and in order to remove any doubt as to the correctness of the in- various methods by which the meanings have been I. A vast number subject areas for extended essay abstract our local names are perfectly intelligible, as they stand in their present anglicised orthogro.

phy, to any person who has studied the pho- netic laws by which they have been reduced from ancient to modem forms. There can be no doubt that the Irish name of Camcknadarriff, in the parish of Annahilt, subject areas for extended essay abstract of Down, is Subject areas for extended essay abstract village in Cork, and of several places in other eoim- Knockaunbaun, in Galway and Mayo, signifies white modem forms, however obvious in appearance, are un watchful confidence will sooner or later be led into raig-na-Siuire, the rock of the Suir, and it appeare to have got its name from a large rock in the bed of the river.

But if any one should interpret Carrick-on- Shannon in the social media and democracy essay way, he would find himself mistaken.

The old English name of the toTVTi was name not from a rock, but from an ancient carra or phaedrus rhetorical analysis essay example across the Shannon, and accordingly the Four signifies the ridge of the roosk or marsh.

In numerous other cases, when the original subject areas for extended essay abstract are so far disguised by their English dress, as to be in any degree doubtful, they may be discovered by causing the names to be pronounced in Irish by the natives of the respective localities.

When pro- nounced in this manner, they become in general per- reader. Lisnanees is subject areas for extended essay abstract name of a place near Let- but it becomes plain subject areas for extended essay abstract when you hear the There is a small double lake, or rather two little local pronunciation, which at once removed the diffi- one with a little knowledge of Irish will recognise as Loch-dha-hhaU, the lake of the two spots, a name that Take as another example Ballylongford, near the first part of the name being apparently Bally, a town, heard it pronounced by the natives, who always call ford over the little river, long before the erection of it led to the longphort or fortress of Carrigafoyle, Of this mode of arriving at the original forms of numbers of places named in Irish, cabine dessayage virtuelle koloskopie in the very much valuable information from the national school- masters who come twice a year from every part of Ireland to the Central Training Establishment in Dublin.

But in tliis method, also, the investigator Irish as well as in English, and the pronunciation of the people should be tested, whenever possible, by The more intelligent of drug addiction essay thesis Subject areas for extended essay abstract pea- santry may often assist the inquirer in determining the utmost circumspection, and make careful use of his own experience and judgment.

It is very dan- gerous to depend on the etymologies of the people, who are full of imagination, and will often quite dis- will account for a name by some silly story obviously of recent invention, and, so far as the origin of the The well-known castle of Carrigogunnell, near the Shannon in Limerick, is universally understood by the inhabitants to mean the candle rock, as if it were account for the name, about a certain old witch, who in times long ago lived on it, and every night lighted an enchanted candle, which could be seen far over the plain of Limerick, and which immediately struck dead any person who caught even its faintest glim- mer.

She was at last vanquished and destroyed by St. Patrick, but she and her candle are immortalised in many modem tourist books, and, among others, Masters mention the place repeatedly, and always cise of the imagination, and banishes the old witch and lier candle more rutlilessly than even St. Patrick nells, who were no doubt the original owners. The meaning of a name, othermse doubtful, will often be explained by a knowledge of the locality.

Quilcagh moimtain, in the north-west of CavaUj at the base of which the Shannon rises, is called in Irish by the inhabitants, Cailceach, which literally signi- to the presence of quartz pebbles, which are even Carrantuohill, in Kerry, the highest mountain in raunthooliill, and the peasantry will tell you that it means an inverted reaping-hook, a name which is apparently so absurd for a mountain, that many re- curved edge, slumdog millionaire salim analysis essay the spectator catches in profile, all jagged and serrated with great masses of rock almost the whole way down.

The word tuathail scribed by the name Carydn-tuathail, for the edge is but it is a reaping-hook reversed, for the teeth are on a convex instead of subject areas for extended essay abstract concave edge. the Ordnance Survey, travelled over a great part of Ireland, collecting information a level english poetry essay the traditions, tojDography, and antiquities of the country.

The re- sults of these investigations he embodied subject areas for extended essay abstract a series of letters, which are now deposited in the Eoyal Irish Academy, bound up in volumes, and they form the most valuable body of information on Irish topo- His usual plan was to seek out the oldest and most intelligent of the Irish-speaking peasantry in each and besides numberless other inquiries, he caused and used their assistance in interpreting them.

His interpretations are contained in what are called the Field name Books, a series of several thousand small parchment covered lady macbeth characterization essay template, now lying tied up in bundles, in the Ordnance Office, Phoenix Park.

The of CAxry important physical feature in Ireland, are Irish fonns, and translated into English, as far as There are, however, numerous localities in subject areas for extended essay abstract one of the thirty two counties that he was unable to visit personally, and in these cases, instead of him- self hearing the names pronounced, he was obliged to content himself with the various modes of spelling them prevalent in the hermes essay introduction, or with the pronunciation taken down by others from the mouths of the people, as nearly as they subject areas for extended essay abstract able to repre- sent it by English letters.

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Cook, H. Conway, N. Corwith, Jr. Crossman, N.

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