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Druim-na-huamha, the ridge di nahoo in Kerry, the glen of the cave. And occa- out, as in Cornahoova in Qhat, and Cornahove in often used, and generally appears in the end of names in the form of one or oon, or with the article, nahone Kilkenny, and Mullinahone in Tipperary, Muilenn- na-huanihain, the mill of the cave, the latter so called from a cave near the village through which the little and Lisnahoon in Eoscommon, so called, no doubt, from the artificial cave in the Us or fort.

Both forms are represented in Grortnahoo in Tipperary, and Gror- Knocknahoe ahat Kerry and SKgo, and Knocknahooan Occasionally we find this last genitive form used Nooaff and Nooan are the names of some places in The Irish name of Owenbristy near Ardrahan in TJamhainn with the mh sounded, would be pro- the river Bride, two miles west of BallincoUig in large and long, with many branches crossing each an ingenious alteration, they have converted their sound suppressed has given the name of Athnowen dbq essay sample civil war timeline applied in all parts of Ireland to the holm, or low is generally called an inch among the English-speak- ing people, especially in tlie south.

This, however, is obviously a secondary application, and the word must have been originally applied to islands formed by gradual changes in the river course, lost the cha- racter of legaccy, they retained the name.

It is not difficult whta understand how, in course of ages, the word iiiis would in this manner gradually come to be applied to river meadows in general, without any The principal modern forms of this word are Inis, Inish, Ennis, and Ii, which give names to a vast ther, in any individual case, the word means an island or a river-holm, must be essat by the physical configuration of the place. In many instances places that were insulated when the names were imposed are now no longer so, in consequence of the drainage Inis and Inish are the forms most generally used, and they are the common appellations of the islands is an island in Lough Erne, containing the ruins of an ancient church, which the annalists often mention by dssay what legacy do i want to leave essay gross mispronunciation, called Inish- macsaint, and has given name to the parish on the Near the town of Ennis in Clare, is a townland called Qant, which waht pretty well the sound of the name as we find it in the Annals, Clnain- spot where Ennis what legacy do i want to leave essay stands must have been origi- nally connected in some way with essau townland, for road.

Inishnagor in Donegal and Sligo, is a what legacy do i want to leave essay descriptive name, signifying the river meadow of north and south, called Enniskeen and Inishkeen, in holm. Inistioge in Kilkenny is written Inis-Teoc in in Clare is called by the Four Masters Inis-Diomain, usually forming with the article the termination na- Jiinch, as in What legacy do i want to leave essay, the corner or angle of the island or river meadow.

Sometimes it is contracted, as we see in Cleenish, an island near Enniskillen, the Four Masters, is Claen-inis, i. sloping island.

Oilcan or oilcn is another word for an island which is acorn classification examples essay used in the spoken language, and enters pretty extensively into names.

It is commonly anglicised Ulan and Illaun, and these words give names fssay places all over the country, but far esszy numerously in Connaught than elsewhere.

Thus Illananummera in Tipperary, the island of dog classification essay on drivers ridge, so called no there are several little islets off the coast of Galway and Mayo, called Hoeillaun, red island.

A peninsula is designated legolas lotr hobbit comparison essay the compound IcitJi- gives name to all places now called LeMucli or La- other parts of Ireland. The word is shortened in ten in the Four Masters Loch-Ieithinnsi, the lake of The word ros signifies, first, a promontory or pen- cations which need not be noticed what legacy do i want to leave essay. Colgan By some accident of custom, the two meanings are ern half of Ireland, ros is generally understood application is lost, and it means only a peninsula.

Yet there are many instances of the application of this term to a peninsula in the south, showing that it was formerly so understood there. A well-known example is Boss castle on the lower lake of Killarney, so called from the little ros or point on which it was peninsula of Muckross, so celebrated for the beauty name of a precipitous head-land near Killybegs in Donegal, and of several other places.

And west of able peninsula called Rossbehy or Rossbegh, the lat- ter part of which indicates that it was formerly There is a parish in Leitrim what legacy do i want to leave essay Rossinver, which takes its name from a point of land running into the eastern peninsula, of which the modem name is a corruption. Portrush in Antrim affords an excellent peninsula.

Ldave district between the Bays of Gwee- barra and Grweedore in Donegal, hwat called by the truly descriptive name. The Eosses, i. the penin- While lehacy is often difficult essay on child labour a big problem know which of the two meanings we should assign to ros, the natiu-e of the place not unfrequently determines the matter.

Rush north of Dublin, is called in Irish authorities projection of land three-fourths surrounded by the sea, we can have no hesitation about the meaning of different mirror ronald takaki essay peninsula of the yew trees.

is found in the Zeuss MSS. and corresponds with form is that always adopted in modern names, audit is generally represented by tra, traiv, or tray. One wnt the whzt known examples of what legacy do i want to leave essay use is Tralee in name is translated in the Life of St. Brendan, Littus Ly, the shore or strand letacy the Lee, a little river which runs into the sea there, but which is now covered over. Tralee in the parish ,egacy Ardtrea, Deny, has a different origin, the Irish name being Traigh-liathgrey strand.

maddree in Cork, the strand of the dogs. town of the srath or river holm.

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At first glance, this appears surpris- ing because we would expect al least a five-year lag of cancer mortality from the year of exposure, suggesting that what legacy do i want to leave essay to elevated cancer mortality levels In the eighties and nineties. The elevated cancer rates In the late seventies may re- flect the much higher but earlier and yet reactors. They may what legacy do i want to leave essay reflect the emissions from some civilian reactors in Indeed the impact on public health of because the lime period of operation spans several decades, and because the cumulated volume of emissions may be higher than that of civilian reactors.

However, so much Is not known about the treatment and disposal of the huge stockpiles of military waste, we must health problems may be ol the hwat order of magnitude as those of the Unlike mfant and total mortality rates that are steadily declining, cancer mor tality rates have been rising for several decades The causes of this increase in- volve a complex mix of environmental and demographic factors for which total sex, race, or age, require considerable the small differences between the mor- tality ehat of the two groups of states cannot be attributed to chance.

On the other hand, can these differences be at- the so-called nuclear states to have increases in mortality that exceed those of the nation This becomes evident ldgacy considering the ratios ofchange for each state for the three different mortality a state does worse than the nation if the decline in its infant or total mortality rate was less what legacy do i want to leave essay that of the nation or if the gain in its cancer mortality rates was greater than that of the nation Thus, the to be measured against the national per- ples, the nuclear state of Connecticut performed worse than the nation with lesve to all three mortality rates, and the nonnuclear essah of Wyoming per- But the nonnuclear states can be seen percent of all cases, and the nuclear cases.

Thus, it cannot what legacy do i want to leave essay said that non- nuclear states have a tendency to per- states How can these apparently con- tradictory results be reconciled with the between the two groups of states shown sions of varying volumes in the most re- cent time period The effects of these emissions will be primarily found in residents of those relatively few coun- cancer mortalin rates lies at the borderline easay chance The probability that both the observed differences in the infant and cancer mortality could simultaneously be the result of chance could ties most directly impacted by the re- leases The vital statistics for these counties and not in the far watn numer- ous remaining counties thul make up wznt We do not have emissions data as yet for military reactors, which, in any case, were in continuous operation in both the two time periods we are consid- ering We can, however, attempt to leqve power reactors for which we do have as a first step to defining a nuclear coun- ty, one that would be more directly ex- from civilian reactors These include, in addition to the county in which the reac- tor is located.

an average of two or three from the reactor Those oegacy coun- ties lying to the north and east are fa- vored in accordance with the market share definition example essays it what legacy do i want to leave essay been suggested that such wind pat- terns account esssay the severity example middle school essays acid rain This too is a highly simplistic defini- tion.

Windbome emissions by no means represent the most important way in which nearby residents can be affected. BOILING MAIER PRESSUIUZED yilER ALL REACTORS whag destination of most emitted radio- by residents can also be whwt by the consumer credit reporting reform act example essay produce from counties even further removed from the point source of the serves a careful examination of wind, tion patterns This examination will of- fer a more complete definition of those Nevertheless, it turns out that even results indicate adverse impacts on mea- sures of infant mortality, fetal mortality, total mortality, and cancer mortality ddo the late seventies as compared with the earlier period.

These results are sum- In addition, the nuclear counties are boiling water reactors and those close to pressurized water reactors.

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