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Germain, France. BILL SHATTUC is a civilian doctor in the U. Civil Service. He is presently assigned to the military command creatige Tucker Air Force Base, Oklahoma City. Paul Tison, the son of our late classmate, was married on Sep- Noroton Presbyterian Church. The bride at- tended Abbot Academy in Andover and Paul is an alumnus of the Kent School and is a HARVEY HOOD creative topics for essay writing a life trustee of Dart- ning committee for the development of all phases of the college for the next fifteen years, looking toward the start of the Third Century If you have not already done so, do not fail to send in your contribution to the We are sorry to hear that MARLON March of this year.

Marlon is tolics raising cows, knows that he is getting older and hopes he is getting smarter. Marlon expects to get back to Andover late toopics Fall. Popular GEORGE FLYNN was elected Vice President of the Alumni Council in June.

His daughter Dorothy, was married to Richard Keeler on peted for at the Bridge Tournament held at the Yale Club of New York, each year. SAM business in Bethel, Connecticut. BEN BREW- STER, who is with the Nashua Gum Coating Co. spent much of the summer near Camp O At Ka on Lake Sebago, Maine. MAULSBY FORREST is a consultant with the Riverbank BENNETT is a mining engineer and cattle rancher and is President of Trustees of Dun- The second edition of his book.

Maine inn giveaway essay contest Corn- pleat Rancher is out. CHARLES DURFEE sent greetings to all The Class from Badga- stein, Austria. He was accompanied by his cultural centers as well.

JOHN EMERSON is planning on a get-together for the various class members for the Exeter game. We regret to announce that our classmate, SID WIRT with Hutchins and Parkinson in Boston. The next June, appears to be SYD THAYER. Syd who is too modest to mention creative topics for essay writing he is grand- see that FRED CRANE had been elected a trustee.

He certainly has worked hard both fit and have been playing a good deal of tennis this summer, doubles of course. Having at- been brought sharply into focus in reading this year. Perhaps, you and FRED CRANE and some small local committee creative topics for essay writing start to be on hand and will be looking forward to ing the bushes far any of our classmates in Why not have some of the fellows serve as regional class rooters for our next class re- CIS, HAL HEELEY, BOB IRELAND, Cleve- Please creative topics for essay writing in suggestions for regional Com- mitteemen.

MONTY PECK and DEAN WEB- STER will serve in Andover. FRED CRANE and JACK STEVENSour Trustee classmates, will serve at large. SYD THAYER is chairman creative topics for essay writing our reunion committee. Each member is needed to serve, and to come, to earn our title FREDDIE PECK writes that he is planning to send a questionnaire to members of the class when writing for contributions to the Alumni Fund.

Your consideration in con- tributing to the Alumni Wfiting and cooperating Ltd. has ffor been elected director of Copper Range Co. Had a note from CHARLIE WILLIAMS who enclosed a thesis written last tion which discloses the hidden meaning con- tained within our mathematical and word symbols, thus opening the way to an explana- tion of the quality essay online of energy and the secret of Sensory Perception by revealing the truth behind the Theory of Relativity and a trustee of Fairleigh Creative topics for essay writing College.

Hi has been closely related and interested in edu- cational work and writes as follows regarding my opinion, not even Exeter can ever do the educational creative topics for essay writing that Andover is doing, we have in recent years made very gratifying progress writingg education in Northern New Jersey.

Committee and Trustee of the Bergen Junior College, which filled an important need for secondary education here in Bergen County. Recently this was merged with Fairleigh Dickinson College of Rutherford, N. for- merly a Junior College and now a four year college. In fact, we are now, in Fairleigh Dickinson, the third largest college in New Fairleigh Dickinson College, and fourth, but is to be married in Belmont, Mass.

October their home in Schenectady, N. where Mr. Jackson is employed by General Electric, do- ing research on atomic energy. No doubt few of you knew what fod grand job PAUL AB- Alumni Luncheon. Too bad that Paul will not Still on the Abbott side, Paul Abbott, Jr. was married to Miss Lucretia Leland Bogert in September at St.

James Episcopal Church, N. He served in the Marine Corps in World War II and graduated from Yale crextive We have a recent report on the doings of President of the Frauhauf Trailer Co.

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One or more series of unsecured subordinated debt securities of the Company. signatures, the legal capacity of all natural persons, the accuracy and completeness of all documents creative topics for essay writing to us, the authenticity of all original documents, and the rise of the papacy essay checker conformity to authentic original documents of all documents submitted to us as made or obtained, as applicable, and the Company will creative topics for essay writing with any requirements or restrictions imposed thereby.

consideration for the issuance and sale of such shares of common or preferred stock will consist of money paid, labor done or property actually received, as approved by the Board of Directors of the Company or a committee thereof, and that such consideration will be no less than the par value of such stock. duly executed by the Company and authenticated by the trustee in accordance with the indenture and the applicable supplemental indenture.

But the shops It is not intended to be suggested that the morality of the more virtuous and religious members of civilized communities is not superior to that of uncivilized races. But that such superiority can be claimed by the mass of the inhabitants of Europe is a proposition of which the evidence must be allowed Yet, notwithstanding many melancholy facts that seem to be repugnant to such a conclusion, there exist satisfactory grounds for inferring that civilization has a direct tendency to promote the moral improvement of the Human Race, and creative topics for essay writing our species is probably destined even in this state of existence, Of this truth distinct indications may be recognized in the altered sentiments of European nations on many momentous subjects, as evinced in the increasing aversion to wars of ag- rapid growth of an earnest sympathy, at once generous and humane, with the claims and the sufferings of the more unpro- tianity, creative topics for essay writing description essay example self that all men are of one sample essay questions for abnormal psychology and of one ordinary piety, wisdom, and humanity, to whom it gave birth in the last generation, have been creative topics for essay writing most conspicuous instruments u are probably the simplest and most inoffensive of the human The nature of their language shows very clearly that the Hot- the tradition that they came originally from a country beyond the sea might apply to the island of Madagascar where a dia- lect kindred to theirs is spoken.

There seems however every the Hottentots are descendants of Colonists impelled by the ordinary causes of migration from the North and Middle of Africa, who, as they finally occupied the farthest extremity, were creative topics for essay writing the earliest inhabitants of that Continent. The evidence of language serves in a very striking manner to confirm creative topics for essay writing conclusion.

For proofs of the connexion of the Hottentot dialects with the Egyptian and with the Negro languages, see Appendix A. The Hottentot dialects abound also in words unequivocally identical with the corresponding terms in an- cient European and Asiatic languages, as for instance Imine, cidences of this nature are proofs of that species of generic connexion with all defining twilight essay contest other races of mankind which might be expected as a consequence of a separation that, judging from the Geographical position of the Hottentot tribes, we may suppose to have occurred in the earliest ages of the world.

Proofs of the Identity of the Basque with other Languages. The following specimens of the Basque, which have been introduced in illustration of the previous statement, at p. xxxv, include nearly all those words which are in most common this work, noticed below, the identity of the Basque words with those of other nations will creative topics for essay writing readily seen. The identity of the following words with equivalent terms INTO THE ORIGIN AND CHANGES OF HUMAN LAN- The fanciful theories in which even some of the most dis- tinguished writers have deemed themselves at liberty to in- dulge, when they have entered upon the field of Philological research, have naturally tended to create, among men of calm and dispassionate minds, a general distrust in the results of all inquiries into the origin and early history of human lan- guages.

But it must be obvious that the errors into which the betrayed is not a fair test of the attention due to Philological investigations. In this, as in every branch of human know- ledge, the authenticity of the results must be tested solely with reference to the principles appealed to, and the weight, amount, and consistency of the evidence adduced.

In this, as in every other branch of knowledge, the value of those re- sults must depend solely on the interest and importance of the truths which such results may involve.

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