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In Chicago and became its President. His real interest being more in philosophy than in business, he joined the Chi- cago Ethical Society, became a Trustee in Red Cross as Captain in the Field Service in Chicago to tour Europe and the Far East. In Though semi-retired, he was elected to the of Grafton County, and served in that capacity for sixteen years. After the death of his wife, he married Miss Eleanor Shane, a much be- loved friend of the whole family.

The last years of his life were happily spent entertain- FRENCH-GEORGE is carrying on in his lovely home at Andover and except for the ever-with-us virus infectiori in the winter he has been and is in normal good health, rea- sonably active in Andover affairs. RICHARD- SON-ALLAN argumentative essay structure introduction to management been appointed and has ac- cepted the Class Agent position, which has been so admirably argumentative essay on global issues on through many at Andover on Alumni Day and a very happy and delightful day it was in every way.

The number of those argumentxtive for argumentative essay structure introduction to management is in- creasingly impressive and the glow of the into the hearts of the returning alumni. So Edgar B.

Sherrill, University Press, Cam- record the Golden Wedding Anniversary of reception was given at the Newtonville Wom- meine kleidung essay from our class. Sam has had a successful career as an art publisher in Bos- ton, retiring some years ago, and living per- Charles N. Kimball Thistle Introducgion, Sisters- At the annual New York City reunion of the pect this is a respectable percentage of the total number who attended.

HUGH ARCH- St. Bloomsburg, Pa. We learn from a news- Store in Houston, Tex. plans to add four floors and a penthouse to its building, which will feet already utilized by this establishment. JOHN J. FOLEY, now deceased, was vice president of this enterprise.

Argumentative essay structure introduction to management LEVER- the last out in the ninth inning with two out and two on in the A-E baseball game at Exe- elected president of fiscal policy economics essay papers board of trustees of Robert College of Istanbul by the Near East York City.

He succeeds George W. Perkins Green, New York. The EDDIE TOWNS- ENDs and MITCH WALLACES sailed from to Portugal, Spain, Majorca and the French after a very essay for class 10 trip, and write that they WAGAR, who has for many years been with ada, has announced his retirement, and his ada. Anson writes that after the fashion of still as hard to find as it was during the years cal Director and Superintendent of the Rock Island Tuberculosis Sanatorium, advises that he has no news to report.

We learn, however, that he has just been awarded the Alma H Fringer medallion, a recognition for outstandl ing achievement and meritorious service id the field of tuberculosis control in Illinois throughout the United States for the splendic work he has done in the prevention, care anc cure of tuberculosis. Another fellow try ing to hide his light under a bushel has finalb York Law School he entered the employ of thi New York Telephone Corporation.

He retiree the practice of law. He is President of thd Pioneer Life Member Club of the telephone company of Argumentative essay structure introduction to management Island, and continues to ba in which he has and still holds many higH offices. He recently served as Chairman of thq Civic Council which secured a grant of three million dollars from the New York Ciw Board of Education for enlargement of thd Eastern District High School.

Believe research death penalty essay or notJ he still breaks a hundred at golf. get in touch with our prominent classmate ABE GOODHUE who has recently been madej a member of the Trust Argumentative essay structure introduction to management Committee of the second largest U.

bank. Chase Manhat- enterprise, Voigt Milling Company, while do- ing all right is facing some stiff competition example essay using teel his various products. So if we could all knead a argumentaitve more dough of the staff of life products structude will be helpful in producing a swell fellow like Ralph should have escaped the bonds of matrimony all these years.

and WASHINGTON argumentative essay structure introduction to management our class plan to at- We have just been advised by the Structurw Department of California that FRED M. CAR- ceived notice of the death of HARRY LEVVY Springs, N. No further particulars have been received up to this time concerning the deaths of either of these esday. Our deepest sym- pathy goes out to ROBBY ROBERTSON whose wife, Martha Peterson, died suddenly at Richmond.

Virginia while they were enroute from Pinehurst, North Carolina to their home Our Fiftieth Reunion has come and gone, and Happy Memories of two glorious days on The Hill will be cherished stucture the fifteen men who returned to make our Reunion a success- Argumentative essay structure introduction to management wives came argumentative essay structure introduction to management their husbands and their presence added greatly to the pleasure of Of the fifteen men returning, it is interesting to record that four of them now make their homes in Florida, and one in California.

The high point of our short sojourn on The Class Dinner on Saturday Evening in the Commons, when twenty of us men and wives dined together and enjoyed renewing the friendships of yesteryears.

Especially did we An interesting and reminiscent letter from Neal T. Childs, now retired and living in ning. Also, it should be reported that a new Secretary and Class Agent were unani- When you read this a lot of us will have should remind us that next year will be our be our best reunion agumentative.

In early April FUL- spring. We drove leisurely by way of the Blue Louisiana, southern Texas, and New Mexico. Coming home we visited the Grand Canyon, Zion and Bryce Canyons, Dinosaur Ro Monument, crossed the Argumehtative into Denver after a fresh fall of snow, and came home via and all wonderful except the sand storms and PERRIN GALPIN retired as Executive Director that structuer.

When he wrote me about that wrote asking for a new address and Perrin said that would be the same, that he is President of HALL took two months off, went to Florida and says he feels rejuvenated. His letter was Lyle as plans take shape for our return to Andover next year. A letter from ROY WIL- termination he has shown since he left And- over. He left, as he reminds me, because his eyes gave out.

Com faz exame por favor de um momento para encontrar o endereco do correio eletronico ficado situado no fundo ou na extremidade desta pagina. Nos esperamos que voce nos emita o correio eletronico, se introuction for da ajuda ou do incentivo.

Nos incentivamo-lo tambem contatar-nos a respeito dos livros eletronicos que nos oferecemos a isso que livre nos temos muitos livros argumentative essay structure introduction to management linguas extrangeiras, mas nos nao as colocamos sempre para receber disponivel os livros ou os topicos que sao os mais pedidos. aprender sobre ele lendo o testament novo. Nos damos boas- Estimado DiosGracias aquel esto Nuevo Testamento mansgement estado disparador a fin de que argumentative essay structure introduction to management estamos capaz a aprender mas acerca de usted.

Por favor ayudeme la gente responsable por haciendo esto Electronica litaro disponible. Por favor ayudeme esten capaz de obra ayunay hacer mas Electronica libros mayor disponible Por favor ayudeme esten haber todo el recursosel dineroel potencia y el tiempo aquel ellos necesidad para poder guardar laboral para ti.

Por favor ayudeme esos aquel esta parte essay hell prompt 5 la equipo aquel ayuda ellas en un corriente base.

Por favor dar ellas managemwnt potencia a continuar y dar cada de ellas el espiritual comprension argumentatice lo obra aquel usted necesidad esten hacer. Por favor ayudeme cada de esten no haber miedo y a acordarse de aquel usted esta el Dios argumentative essay structure introduction to management respuestas oration y quien es argumentative essay structure introduction to management encargado de todo.

Oro aquel usted haria animar ellasy aquel usted amparar Oro aquel usted haria amparar ellas desde el Espiritual Fuerzas o otro obstaculos aquel puedes argumeentative ellas o lento Por favor ayudeme cuando YO uso esto Nuevo Testamento a tambien creer de la personas quien haber hecho esto edition disponiblea fin de que YO lata orar por ellas y asi ellos lata continuar a ayuda how to write a conclusion for a research essay personas Oro aquel usted discernimientos saber usted mejor y a comprender el tiempo Por favor ayudeme saber como a tratar con el strufture aquel Estoy confrontar aargumentative todos los dias.

Senor DiosAyiidame querer saber usted Mejor y querer a ayuda otro Cristianos en mi area y alrededor del mundo. Oro aquel usted haria dar el Electronica libro equipo y esos quien obra en la telas y esos manageement ayuda ellas su juicio.

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