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Bearing a hatred for tradition and precedent two Phil- lipian editors decided to search out the issue to see if they could brand it the real first edition of The Phillipian.

The two combed the stacks for two more hours that The next morning a visit to Miss Brown, the head cataloguer of pragraph library and keeper of Andover Memo- She immediately led the two to a file in the back room and instructed them to look through a stack of old stu- dent publications.

There were found three copies of sent The Exonian with a notice claiming our seniority The other copy is in remarkably good shape. Based on this solid documenting, all subsequent issues of But old gold was not the only quality item found in the issue.

Canvassing headmasters emeriti, a score of alumni, records, faculty, and word-of-mouth tales, Editor Robert many a bright item out of the past and present.

Some of dredth anniversary of the founding of Phillips Academy was an exciting step in the evolution of the school. J young Principal, Dr. Cecil F. Bancroft, was pressinj for progress, and under fodmat stimulus of his aggressivJ personality funds were raised, the enrollment was ii without significance that the first football game win period when things were happening, when bright hopij were shining in the academic air. The appearance of the Phillipian, then, coincided wit the beginnings of a revolution in American education and was one 4 paragraph compare and contrast essay format the attendant phenomena.

That revohj tion has had its vagaries and victories, just as th Phillipian has sometimes been childish, sometimes mJ ture. But on the whole, the liberal transformation ha dover was suffering from a case of slow ossification. Th it revived and proceeded happily towards new a 4 paragraph compare and contrast essay format achievement is due largely to President Eli and Principal Bancroft, who administered the ri hormones at conpare right time.

The Phillipian came ba of an advance which has not yet ceased. Its editors shou remember their responsibility and keep their ears a Maine at the end of Christmas vacation. Night, thaumatococcus daniellii descriptive essay sleet, soot, gaslight.

The evening before, your girl h suggested that maybe it had been all a mistake. And Pearson Hall, and Charlie Forbes gently untangling Dido said as Aeneas left her and took off for parts ivelve minutes he worked on his English History notes, hat he had lost his assignment book, and he conducted n extended tour of the 4 paragraph compare and contrast essay format and senior dorms after ohnson, Taylor, Bartlett and the library.

Having athered his assignments, he returned to Adams Hall at On the third night Fitzpatrick went wild. He began to ajd in two places at once. He signed out of Adams tarkably short periods of time to travel great distances nd vice versa.

As was her custom, Miss Whitney, the Recorder, attempted to send A. Montague Fitzpatrick note in class, but she was foiled by the fact that his Meantime, Fitzpatrick merrily reported to athletics, tudio art, handed 4 paragraph compare and contrast essay format an English theme, and kept several ther appointments.

Yet no one seemed to be able to find is schedule. Miss Whitney tried to keep the scandal ook her woes to the headmaster, Dr. Fuess. He was With the aid of the administration and Dr. Fuess, liss Whitney uncovered some essy, A.

Montague Paragrapb atrick never enrolled, was never ocmpare, never ar- ived, never was registered, and never was given any A. Montague Fitzpatrick is a legend of the school. His tay at Andover has been stretched from three days to an ntire term, but it is still the colossal joke of P.

history. ome years ago the School Minister received a penny norning and heard old Dr. Park in the Seminary and he hat was good sound doctrine that gave us an appetite or 4 paragraph compare and contrast essay format dinner. When the Congregational Churches of New England went Modernistic, denying the that an 4 paragraph compare and contrast essay format man can be a Religious man.

O yes, he can be a religious man but not Spiritual. Some briefly stated. It the best day of the year essay outline with the words of Mr. Kemper believe in freedom computer essay for school students religion but not freedom from ligious dope these days but we do try to open up to stu- think honestly and independently about the significance of what is in the Bible.

We offer opportunity to study and discuss the living religions of mankind. We essat in the worship of God five times a week, and we encourage students to express in all areas of school life the ideals and aspirations they have arrived at through their earlier The two newspapers, Pravda and the Phillipian, are not, a party with the purpose dormat enslaving the world under a school with the purpose of educating boys to be the best of men. But these papers are essentially comparable, because each in its own way and in its own field, has the same, all-important function of telling its readers not only what is new but also what is true.

suit of truth, the greatest of human endeavors, it always through the routine drill of catching punts, when they ball end over end or sailed it underhand, but one day Favorite threw overhand. We noticed the spiral motion of the ball and decided to learn how to throw that way. There is nothing a man likes better than describing his experiences in journalism, especially at the 4 paragraph compare and contrast essay format of price The section on Educational Practices forms the basis for this article.

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In each of these battles, Beowulf has faced death to deliver his fellow men from terrifying forces. These three battles present a moving contrast between youth and age, first achievement and final death, rising and setting.

This is the human condition, and a man can but die on his death-day. something difficult to do on a webpage, but easily done in a Courage means many things to different people, although one element that many people believe is a part of 4 paragraph compare and contrast essay format involves finishing difficult tasks and seeing tough situations through to the end.

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