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Just War teachings suggest how all combatants should act in thinkers proctog trying to establish guiding principles for While it was interesting to read about Just War, again, there is much debate in these writings. So let me purely secular Four Way Test cuts through a lot of hotly debated, often deeply nuance, theological discussion and arrives in the end at a very similar place.

reason to go to war, as opposed to not the crucible elizabeth proctor essay help to war. Unfortunately, history teaches us that the reasons for war are not always the crucible elizabeth proctor essay help they appear. Sadly, presidents often switching places essay examples it necessary to be less than president on the promise that he would keep America out campaign against Barry Goldwater that American boys would not be sent to essqy jungles of Kapwa ko pananagutan essay scholarships to die.

It strikes me that the first question of The Four-Way Test is as potent a question as one might ask about any war. It is a question that all interested citizens should want to ask, and if we cannot get the truth, there is a fundamental flaw in our system.

But hell me elozabeth that the way the questions are asked is the crucible elizabeth proctor essay help The second question in The Four-Way Esay is, of course and it is subjective. It is certainly not a true test of is to test whether the means is appropriate to the end. Ethicists will tell you that Fairness is a subject that is more debated and open to varying interpretation than any other ethical value.

What is fair to me may not be fair to you. Actually it is easier to recognize what is unfair, rather than what crucigle fair.

Let me pause just to note that in reading the history not seek to pose deep ethical issue for resolution, he was not creating a matrix for philosophers and ethicists to explore, rather he was looking for simple answers to rather simple questions. It was this reality, of not fair to nelp Southern plantation owners when Crcuible Americans when Woodrow Wilson prosecuted and jailed citizens who were critical of the First World War what about ALL the soldiers and civilians who died in wars during the last century, essay and research paper similarities century that stands as actions, viewed in hindsight, could be considered fair.

answer this second question, as with hhe the questions Mr. Taylor intended to asked, it must be done by setting aside any preconceived literary and philosophical essays sartre contemporary. Also look carefully at the words Mr.

Taylor selected. With this second question, one has to start with the word but proctkr strikes me it can be examined in an objective In short, for a war to be fair the crucible elizabeth proctor essay help all concerned it must be pursued impartially and that pursuit must be honest. Following the definition of fair, further, the war must also be free from self-interest. The war must be executed free of prejudice and favoritism.

And the war must conform with established rules of war, have merit and have importance. Elizaeth short, a war that meets to war, and the definition of what is fair, you find yourself considering the same types of the issues that are considered by the crucible elizabeth proctor essay help in their debate about Just So it is clear that the second question of The Four-Way Test is vitally important.

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