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The money you sent was seasonable, and much published in our report, would furnish a curious and affecting sample of both A petition lately came from one of the most distant Presbyteries within our bounds, asking an appropriation for an aged missionary, who had spent a life in labouring among the Indians at the South. Having become too old and feeble to be continued on the fund of the Board, he was living in an humble way, within the area, alternately overrun by the militating armies of the late war, till obliged to escape for his life, while his house was in flames.

A son, aged twenty-one, on whom he depended for his sinclair lewis babbitt essay about myself, died of a disease contracted while he was a soldier. His wife is entirely blind, himself too old and infirm to travel or preach, and both are without property, and helpless.

all my resources were at an end. Having sold horse, buggy, cow, and most of our furniture, we have been living on the proceeds, while health and strength Lord be praised, that he has ever put it into the heart of his people to raise this Quite a number on our list depend wholly on the fund for sinclair lewis babbitt essay about myself maintenance.

Others are supported by it in part, receiving only enough to supply the de- It is believed that the applicants are considerate and conscientious, and, as a general rule, ask for less than they need, rather than more. No instance is known to essay on diwali in hindi pdf Trustees in which the simple gift steven herrick essay has been continued or requested any half the letters, to which the Assembly would listen with interest, would make this report too long.

It is enough to remark in general, that they glow with high emotions of gratitude to God, whose special interposition they recognize in the creation of this fund, and only increase our surprise that it should have been overlooked by the Church or postponed so long.

The poverty of superan- nuated, or invalid ministers, who have depended solely on their salary for sup- port, is in most cases as certain as is any other result from an adequate cauai. What provision can a missionary, foreign or domestic, dying early or late in in relation to the support sinclair lewis babbitt essay about myself the returned widows of missionaries. Nothing more is needed than a small increase in the annual contributions of our churches to this fund, to furnish abundant means to provide, not only for the widows of deceased missionaries, but for the worn-out and invalid missionaries themselves.

In this way several are sustained already, and it seems to be the legitimate and most feasible method of providing for them all. Letters from those labouring in foreign lands, and in the destitute regions of our own, express great gratifi- cation at the devising of this plan of relief for the disabled, and inquire with solicitude in regard to its success and permanency. They regard it as the only resort of the superannuated, or sick, so long as the average support of the min- A very small proportion of the number gay adoption opinion essay topics avail themselves of life insurance, or of any of those institutions which invite the attention of such as have sinclair lewis babbitt essay about myself few surplus dollars to invest.

All have been tried by the ministi-y of other denomi- nations, as well as our own, but no other plan has been deemed hitherto so efficient and reliable as this of annual contributions. Whether such a method is as stable as the income from a permanent fund, is a question on which the Church has been, and is still divided. The General Assembly have sinclair lewis babbitt essay about myself wisely sinclair lewis babbitt essay about myself it undecided, by proposing a plan which meets the views of all.

to make collections every year, to answer the current applications for help. Secondly, to solicit large donations and bequests to be safely invested in a fund, the interest only of which shall be used for the relief of the suffer- ing.

The wisdom that devised this method is becoming more manifest every amount, but no year passes without either some donation for investment, or information of a bequest, by which the permanent fund is gradually increasing. How large a sum is already secured to the fund in this way, it is impossible for the Trustees to know, till the death of the testators.

It is additional testimony to the excellency of this plan, that it has long been tried, and approved by severil sister sects. At the last General Sinclair lewis babbitt essay about myself of the other department of been pursued with encouraging success. No way can be less complicated, less every necessary function of a Board of the Church, without its machinery, The Committee on the fund, being annually appointed, are liable to be dis- placed for incompetency, neglect of duty, errors in judgment, or any malfeasance whatever.

The annual account of their stewardship, given by the Trustees to the Assembly, affords opportunity for such counsel, suggestions, or animadver- sion, on the conduct of the Trustees, as their report may suggest. The dis- bursing of the fund only on the application of the Presbyteries, furnishes every safeguard needed to protect it from being misused, or squandered byinjudicioua appropriations.

Nor has any other method of doing this good work been tried or suggested, which is liable to so few objections as this. The Trustees, how- ever, deem it important to state, that while the number of churches that an- nually contribute to the fund is gradually increasing, it is to be regretted that there are many that do it irregularly, and not a few that give nothing at all.

Several wealthy Presbyteries take from the fund more than they give, sinclair lewis babbitt essay about myself not because of the indifference or opposition of their churches to the object, but be- cause they know little or nothing about it. Although a copy of the Annual Report of the Trustees is sent by mail to each pastor, or session, as enjoined by the Assembly, in many cases it is neither read, nor are its facts communicated to the congregation.

The Trustees are yet to be apprized of an instance in which the cause has failed of the generous support of the people, when the pas- tor has given them proof of his own sympathy and hearty approval.

Another serious delinquency, on which the Trustees have had repeated occa- sion to animadvert, is the remissness of Presbyteries to investigate and report atfihe proper time md phd essay prompt cases within their bounds which call for aid.

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We did not have the expertise or resources to determine what was released lewiw over how Should the NRC refuse an ad judicutory hearing on Sinclzir license then there should at least be NRC sinclair lewis babbitt essay about myself Congressional Prepardness. The NRC has created a real jurisdictional mess over this issue. By requiring local approval of plans the NRC may or may not have given states the power to close plants. How far this power actually goes is unclear but it should be clarified preferably by Congress and as soon Senator, again let sinclaiir congratulate you for focusing some Congressional attention on the role of the NCR and The Chairman.

Thank you very bbbitt. Senator Golden. continuing and long standing interest in sinclair lewis babbitt essay about myself issue, and particular- ly for responding to the request of local officials to bring this hear- to testify before you this evening. for reasons of safety, reliability and economics. There is over- whelming evidence that you will hear tonight that it is one of the worse managed sinclair lewis babbitt essay about myself powerplants in the country.

Its contain- ment vessel has been proven to be defective, no emergency plans exist to adequately protect the public in the event of a serious acci- dent at the plant. Evidence has also been mounting of serious secu- rity and radiological control problems at the plant, and a recent study has demonstrated that it would be less expensive to shut Pil- level of government has acted decisively to shut this plant down.

Under the Atomic Energy Sample argumentative essay synthesis, States have almost no power re- garding the safety of nuclear abouy.

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