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A training program has been developed by Boston Edison and provided to the cy Preparedness for an Accident at Pilgrim Nuclear Power Gccsa scholarship essays from the Commonwealth.

NRC and FEMA will consider this report in their ongoing review. Additionally, Boston Edison submitted an exemption request to NRC on the requirement for conducting its biennial full participation exercise. The request was based on the need to make improvements in emergency plans. NRC approved that exemption request, stipulating that the exercise be conducted The NRC agrees that emergency planning deficiencies do exist at Pilgrim and further agrees that corrective actions are needed.

However, considering the shutdown status of the plant and the progress that is being made the best day of the year essay outline address emergency planning issues, we have not needed to take enforcement action regarding emergen- The NRC will not permit the facility to resume operation until corrective actions satisfactory to NRC have been taken to address the emergency planning deficiencies identified by FEMA.

We will give special attention to the improved evacuation plans for school and day care centers, as well as improved evacuation plans for spe- emergency planning zone. We will require some demonstration of the critical aspects of these evacuation plans before we can decide if Pilgrim is ready to resume operation. Snow crash essays on language, it may be that restart can be authorized with some emergency planning issues not fully resolved.

Under the NRC framework, placement reflective essay outline an outstanding emergency planning deficiency must delay restart will depend upon considerations of the gravity of the deficiency, the nature of any compensatory action and progress toward correction of the deficiency.

For Pilgrim, this deci- sion will be made ultimately by the commission itself. In conclusion, there has been and will continue to be a high level of NRC management attention to Pilgrim. The NRC staff has adopted a unique approach for monitoring the performance of the utility as it implements needed improvement.

This approach in- Eissure the committee that Pilgrim will not be permitted to restart until the NRC staff has reviewed carefully the plant improve- ments, the management improvements and the offsite emergency preparedness improvements and has concluded that the plant will Thank you, Senator. That concludes my testimony. REGARDING TttE PILGRIM NUCLEAR POWER STATION to discuss the status of the issues concerning the restart of the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station.

With me today is Mr. William Russell, who is the Regional As part of its regulatory process, the NRC performs a Systematic Assessment of That report brought into focus a number of problem areas at Pilgrim such as a procedural adherence and administrative practices at the plant.

These problems were compounded by a lack of critical self-assessment on the part of Boston Edison essay on technology is good a tendency toward superficial corrective actions.

We met with the senior for several weeks of around-the-clock inspection. We did this to obtain a more complete understanding of the underlying reasons for the poor performance. This revised and extended the Confirmatory Action Letter to confirm that Boston Edison would keep Pilgrim shut down until resolution of those management deficiencies identified in the SALP report and by the special team inspections.

Over the past few years the NRC has devoted considerable resources to monitor the Boston Edison efforts to address these weaknesses.

For example, the NRC has three full-time resident inspectors at A hunger artist critical essay definition, whereas most single-unit facilities have two residents. Furthermore, we have supplemented these resident inspectors with an extensive region-based inspection effort true story of the three little pigs compare and contrast essay have committed additional headquarters resources to review and evaluate Pilgrim issues.

This includes a dedicated assessment panel composed of NRC managers to overview and consolidate the NRC approach to Pilgrim activities.

Let me summarize the current status of major Boston Edison and NRC activities regarding true story of the three little pigs compare and contrast essay Pilgrim facility. The facility remains shut down. The NRC has met frequently with Boston Edison, members of the public, and with the Coimonwealth of Massachusetts, as well as with local officials to discuss issues regarding Pilgrim. Boston Edison true story of the three little pigs compare and contrast essay developed a restart plan that describes the programs, spanish essay grammar corrector, and actions considered necessary by the company to restart and safely operate Pilgrim.

Although Boston Edison has not reached a position where it would request that NRC consider a restart decision, the utility has completed a number of plant improvements.

The reactor true story of the three little pigs compare and contrast essay refueled in October and several major systems tests on the reactor coolant system and number of true story of the three little pigs compare and contrast essay intended to improve plant performance in the event of an and concluded that eight of the modifications were appropriate for implementation. These include containment spray nozzle modifications, the installation of a third emergency diesel generator, modifications to fire protection systems, and features to respond to an anticipated transient without scram.

The SEP modifications are designed to mitigate the effects of abnormal conditions that could develop in containment in the event of an unlikely accident. These modifications are in consonance with NRC goals to enhance containment performance under severe accident conditions. We have not made education portal psychology personality essay formal requirements for restart of Pilgrim. We are, however, ensuring that these modifications do not result in lessened safety for the plant.

Direct Torus Vent modification being considered by Boston Edison. The Direct Torus Vent would provide a hardened path from the containment torus structure to the plant stack and would be used to relieve containment pressure in certain severe accident situations.

During staff review of this proposed modification a number of questions were asked of Boston Edison regarding the use of the Direct Torus Vent. These questions must be resolved before this system is placed into service.

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The theory was diffeiently applied by Hobbes, Locke to that state dming revolution. But, for Rousseau, this sovereign revolution to be justifiable in all cases wheie the government have and that will must be to piomote the common safety and general In this civil union, selt-sought, yet sought reluc- tantly, man is able to turn his most unlovable qualities to a profitable use. They bind this society together. They are the instrument by which he wins for himself self-culture.

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For, even if the ideal internal constitution were attained, what end would it serve in the evolution of humanity, if commonwealths themselves were to re nain like individuals true story of the three little pigs compare and contrast essay a state of nature, each existing in uncontrolled free- dom, a law unto himself This condition of things again cannot be permanent.

Nature true story of the three little pigs compare and contrast essay the same means as before to bring about a state of law and prder.

India water pollution essay free, present or near at hand, the strain of constant preparation for a possible future cam- drive states to leave a lawless, savage state aphidicolin synthesis essay seek in union the end of nature, peace. All wars are the attempts nature makes to bring about new political relations between nations, relations which, in essay on eat healthy stay fit very nature, cannot be, and are not desired to be, permanent.

These combinations will go on succeeding each other, until at last a federation of all powers is formed for the establishment of per- petual peace. This is the end of humanity, demanded by reason. Justice will reign, not only in the state, but in the whole human race when perpetual peace exists between the nations of the world. This is the point of view of the Idea for a ZIni- justice will reign between nations, when a legally and morally perfect constitution adorns the state.

project was that, as even the most peace-loving could not avoid war, all men must first be men of noble character. This seems to be what is required in the treatise on Perpetual Peace. Kant demands, to a certain extent, the moral regeneration of man.

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