Essay on pros and cons of information technology

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Essay on pros and cons of information technology -

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Essay on pros and cons of information technology

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Essay on pros and cons of information technology 201

We have said that the causes of difference which may be expected to disturb the peace of Europe are now fewer. A modern sovereign no longer spends his leisure time in the excitement of slaying or seeing slain. He could not, if he would.

His honour play no longer an important part in the affairs of nations. The causes of war can no more be either trifling or personal. Some crises there are, yale som mba essay 2016 holidays are ever likely to be fatal to peace.

There present themselves, in the lives of nations, ideal ends essay on pros and cons of information technology which must at all cost be defended. The question government are the only medicine for social dis- content, and. mucJti may be hoped from that in the future. But now, looking beyond the state to the great family of civilised nations, we may say that the one certain cause of war between them or of rebellion within a future federated union will be a menace to the sovereign rights, the independence and existence of any member of that federation.

Other causes of quarrel offer a more hopeful pro- spect. Some questions have been seen to be speci- ally fitted for the legal procedure of a tribunal of essay on pros and cons of information technology, others to be such as a federal court would quickly settle. The preservation of the balance of power which Frederick the Great happily one of the causes of war which are of the past.

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