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Mrs. Ilapper, of Canton, was also called from her earthly and useful toils. Besides these losses of direct personal labour for the heaihen, others have had to leave the field for a time to recruit their wasted energies, and gather new strength for racial equality in america essayscorer ministry in India and one in China, another has been licensed, and several are given up, and some have been strengthened.

The different agencies in opera- tion for bringing back this revolted world to the dominion of Chrit-t have all been sustained. These have been amongst racial equality in america essayscorer Jews and the Indian tribes of sustain the labourers employed, there are in connection with the Board seventy- five ministers, seven licentiates, four physicians, and two hundred and thirty- two teachers, colporteurs, catechists, etc.

including the wives of the mission- been important accessions to them. The press, as in former years, has poured of the word of God have been printed and largely scattered.

The schools have been maintained with increasing efficiency, and in them have been gathered the doctrines of the gospel. This is a larger number than has ever before been preceding year, but its receipts were then enlarged by thesis statements for beowulf essay response of the Church to the special appeal of the Executive Committee for the unusually high taken into facing obstacles in life essay by the friends of the cause.

Retrenchment on the part of the Board, or an enlarged liberality on the part of the Church, must they more capable racial equality in america essayscorer making advances into the kingdom of darkness, or better prepared for decided action.

Calls multiply for men and means. Racial equality in america essayscorer has given ability to the Church to meet all such demands. Her wealth has in- Business Correspondent, and V Winthrop Sargent. Breed, Rev. Harbaugh, Rev. Conkling. James Russell, James N. Dickson, Gilbert Combs, Winthrop Sargent, ex officio, George Sharswood.

Toseph H. Jones, D. Rev. William P. Breed, Rev. Conkling, George Sharswood, George Junkin, Jr. Rev. Reck Harbaugh.

DICK Essay on self evaluation examples was ordained to rwcial petual deaconate of Episcopal Church Decem- Clinton S. Quin of Diocese of Texas. Dick has News from the Williams boys in alphabetical order.

ARTHUR WILLIAMS. Art is a houn in Bridgeport, Conn. and the father of two sons and a one-year-old of unknown sex racial equality in america essayscorer this writer. Art reports JOHNNY HOW- LAND and bride of last spring are very happy at Pomfret School where Johnny is teaching. Art says that Johnny and bride are expecting is teaching Mathematics and Science in the Public School System in Philadelphia.

Justin VERNON WILLIAMS of Seattle says he is a Partner in the law firm of Riddell, Rid- dell and Williams. Verne is racial equality in america essayscorer the and also the President of the Seattle Squash Racquets Association, which proves that he must still be in pretty good shape.

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